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RFID-ST is a RFID Sensor Tag reader for serial iEi sensor tags, it was designed for read out instant or near recently sensing data from each RFID sensor tags, which currently support temperature tag (RFID-TP), ambient light tag (RFID-AL), temperature & humidity tag (RFID-HT), GPS tag (RFID-GPS),vibration tag (RFID-VB), slim RFID tempature sensor plus data logger (RFID-STP), and RFID tempature sensor tag (RFID-TP-N). RFID-ST also implement a 107KB USB disk to store scanned tags data like tag ID, current data and maximum and minimum etc.

System Normal Used Range From -20°C to 60°C Storage 107KB USB Disk ( around 500 tags ) Battery 650mAh RFID SO 15693, 13.56MHz Water Proof IP20 Power Consumption 50mA x 2.18S

Physical Characteristics Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 270 x 265 x 29  


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